Until You Return - Anchored In Him











At this time of the year with Christmas so near
It will be a little harder for us this year
Because last year you were still here
But we feel your spirit so near.

Our hearts are filled with love and not hate
So this year Christmas may have to wait
Because Thanksgiving wasn't the same
As you were only here in name.

We may not put up a tree until you come home
The family would rather spend it alone
Our time with God is enough while you are alone
So far away from our home.

Many have endured the hardships as we
So we look to Him for Devine guidance on our knees
Because our forefathers believed as we
That God will protect thee.

Heavenly father as we come to you in prayer
we ask that you protect our Armed Forces from
all harm. We know that You have the power to
do this. Father we ask that Your comfort and
presence be felt with our soldiers and their
families during this special time of year.
We know that Your Armor is more
powerful than any sword or evil and
that You can still perform miracles. We
ask that Your presence be with all of us.
  Father we thank you for Your blessings that
You have given to us and the greatest gift
of all, Your Son's birth Jesus Christ. Father
we ask that You touch our hearts this time of
the year so that we may be a little more
generous to our fellow man. Father we know
that our missionaries are Your soldiers spreading
the gospel of Jesus Christ. Father may we
remember to give generously to support
these soldiers of Yours. Father forgive us
of our sinful and evil ways and where we
have failed You. We ask all these things in
Your Son's precious name, Amen.

Jesus longs to be your Friend ! ! !

Dedicated to our Armed Forces and their families, thank you and God Bless.

American Soldier
Toby Keith
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