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We at Anchored In Him believe that God gave man freedom. Our great nation was founded in a profound believe on God by this nations founding fathers. One of the most cherished freedoms is the freedom of worship. We often take for granted our freedoms that are granted to us in the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights.

As you browse through our web pages remember that the cost of freedom is not cheap ! ! ! There are many brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms as did Jesus Christ when he died upon the cross at Calvary to free us from sin.

As you look at the above picture you will see that the twin towers are in the back ground. Our Armed Forces are stationed through out the world to protect and defend our freedoms. The United States is at war with terrorism. Every day a member of our Armed Forces is killed in action or training. We must always remember to pray for our Armed Forces, our President and his cabinet, and all leaders of our nation at all levels.

Please check this page often as we will be adding more patriotic pages. God Bless everyone and we hope to see you in church practicing your
freedom of worship.

A Students Prayer

A Special Tribute

Garden of Stone

United In Prayer

Christmas Without Daddy

Missing You

Love Is Not Always Flowers

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

In The Arms Of An Angel

America The Beautiful

Pray For Our Armed Forces

The Final Inspection

Letters From Home

 I Am A Soldier

Never To Be Forgotten

Final Salute

It Has Always Been The Soldier

Lest We Forget

4th July Opening Page

Flag Day


Please Don't Forget

Wish You Were Here

Who Am I

Remember To Vote

Momma Was A Soldier

When You Return . . . I'll Be Here

911 Tribute

Forever In. . .God's Hands

Silent Night 911

The World Wept

The Day The World Cried

Our Faith In America

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Your Civic Duty

I Remember

Veterans Day 2004

Until You Return

Another Year

The Plane Ride

Always A Soldier

Spirit In The Mist

Independence Isn't Free

No Purple Hearts In Heaven

Dear Daddy

Our Flag-Did You Know?

I Miss You Daddy

How Many Tears

God Bless Our Troops

The Marine

In Your Honor

The Flag Waves On

The Reunion


When You Come Home

Two Hearts, One Hand

God Bless The Troops

No Dream We Can't Achieve

Veterans Day 2007

Our Black Soldiers Bravery

Old Glory

Making Judgments . . .

If Tomorrow Never Comes

A Soldier's Praise

Since You've Gone

Long Road Ahead Ahead

Will You Give This To My Daddy?

As They Saw His Angel Face

I Am The Flag Of America

America's Elite Forces

Never Forgotten

Veterans Day 2013, In Your Honor

Honor The Heroic

A Day of Remembrance


A Prayer For Our Soldiers

Veterans Day 2017, To All Who Served

WWI 100 Years - Veterans Day 2018







Pray for our Armed Forces and their families, they give so much, freedom is not free ! ! !