A Soldier's Praise ~ Anchored In Him


In a field of green no seeds are sown
But year after year this garden grows.
Planted here are hopes and dreams;
Futures never to be seen.

Acres of sorrow, acres of pride -
America's heroes. For us they died.
They went to war, some barely men
And never made it home again.

Those that did, never came back whole,
What they had seen had scarred their souls.
While we slept safe inside our homes
They screamed in the night, scared and alone.

Too many "thank you's" left unsaid;
Only this garden, a monument to our dead.
But broken lives so many more,
Instead of praise, easier to ignore.

I am just one voice with so much to say -
Thank you for the freedom we have today.
You gave us your all for the American way.

A special thanks to Bettina Franciosi for the
use of © poetry. You may email her to thank her.

Pray For Our Armed Forces and Their Families, They Need Our Prayers Daily . . .


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Susan Ashton
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