How Many Tears ~ Anchored In Him


How many tears can a mother now cry
How many hearts can be maimed
How many days can we go with no trace
Of our dear loved ones' face

How many bombs must be made to destroy
A land that is now holding strong
We know we can win this terrorist war
But when is the question in our hearts

How many deaths of folks will it take
And how many lives will be ruined
How many years will it take for them to learn
We'll never give in to their whims

How many wives cry alone in the dark
And children now without dads
The question remains, when will it all end
When peace, love and joy will be again

Jene' Lind © July 12, 2005
A special thanks to Jene' for this
lovely poem, contact Jene here.
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

We dedicate this page to the victims
of terrorism of Great Britain as well as
all fallen heroes fighting for what we
cherish so dearly, our freedom. Free
nations with an Almighty God as their
Savior shall defeat this evil.


The greatest ability is dependability ! ! !



Walt Mills
  Tears Will Never Stain The Streets of Heaven
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