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Dear Daddy,

I shouldn't of learned who your smile was from this picture. I wanted to know you in person. To feel your touch even if it was a spanking. Many kids ask me where you are. My dad fought for freedom so your dad can have a job. He stood tall and proud serving his nation and all. I cried many nights as my dad served his call, not knowing when he would get home or if it would be at all. Kids ask what its like to be the son of a soldier. It is hard to explain to them the pride I have in my dad. He is my hero in everything he does. I told them of the times I worry when he is in a different land. I informed them of the people he is helping cause many of them lost a dad. Innocent blood was being shed and that made my dad sad. They weren't strong enough to answer that call so they sent my dad to the sand, to help the people of the land. Many were grateful that the American's were there. Dad often talked of the kids he played with and wishing I was there. Not all in the land were good though. Some men were evil killing anyone who tried to fix there land. These men were cowards strapping bombs to their chest. They tried there best to kill anyone who would help the Iraqis in anyway. Dad said that if anything ever happened to him he wouldn't die in vein. Sadly he was killed by terrorist group as they shot his helicopter down one day. At first I was angry cause they took my daddy away. Then I remember of him talking about playing with the children that day. I remember the love in my dads voice I knew that fighting there was his choice. So when you ask me where my daddy is all I can say he is with Jesus now guarding the gates of Heaven waiting to let me in someday. Til' then the pictures represent my daddy to me. The stories shared from others is the way I will learn who my daddy was. Please don't say your sorry when you hear of my daddy's death. Just smile at me and know that I knew someone who was brave. Daddy your the best I will love you and miss you till all the days we are apart. Someday we will meet again at Heavens Gate.

Used with permission © Brooke Willis.
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God Bless this family and
all the families of our fallen hero's.
Thank you for your service to our great nation.

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When you put your cares in God's hands, He puts His peace in your heart ! ! !

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