Please Don't Forget ~ Anchored In Him

There is a thing that I must say
about our youth and the American way.
That way is fragile if we do not get
sons and daughters who do not forget
Those who stood ready to give their all
and what it meant.

For once I too was young and proud
and brave as I could be.
Then one day my country called
about some fight across the sea.

I was to go far, far from home
to fight my country's war.
Yet, I went to battle willingly,
proud of the uniform I wore,

Many traveled over there  
to carry out the fight.
We fought and charged and charged again
far into the night.

Then more orders were received burned deep into my brain
They read: "You are to storm the beach
to help end the AXIS reign".

I found myself in water
The sea was calm and still.
Storm the beach - fight the fight
then go back home - some did - I never will.

White crosses in a field of green
spaced just so far apart
Know it is we soldiers lying there
who gave all from the heart.

Oh, let your sons and daughters know
that freedom isn't free.
The price to pay was paid by me -
yes - paid most willingly.

I sleep beneath the stars tonight
in this a foreign land.
Many Americans lie beside me
so I've told you what I can.

Oh don't let your sons and daughters
forget there is nothing I regret.
I answered country's call for them
and would do it all again.

America - the good old USA -
the object of my pride.
I loved it when I lived there 
and even as I died.

Don't' let your son's and daughter
believe all evil goes away.
Someone must bear the burden
to keep our nation free.

Weigh these words for what their worth,
many who protected you lie quiet beneath the earth.
Don't forget us.

Jene' Lind
June 5, 2004

A special thanks to Jene' Lind and Bub Luh for this poem © May 2004. Without the words of Bub Luh, the true meaning of this poem would not be here. His expertise in editing and relating to the true meaning of this poem allows me to jointly share him as author/co-author. God Bless both of you for this wonderful heartfelt poem.

As you listen to "Now Is The Hour" many a tear
was shed, but this great nation stood together
along with its Allies to defeat one of the evils of
the world. God was with these brave men and
women. Many did not return home as the
cemeteries in Europe attest to this. Thank you
veterans for your service and sacrifices to our
country. Your service to our great nation has
not and will not be forgotten!

We as Americans have a tendency to forget history, if we forget history it will repeat itself ! ! !

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