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Another sunrise passes,
Since the tragic day.
No words are yet spoken,
Since none will convey,

The emotions that we feel,
both far and wide,
For these that are searching,
For those that have died.

Nationality is forgotten,
Differences are no more.
Unity has been found,
From this ugly act of war.

Many shutter to think
Of what tomorrow hides,
A man, a woman, a child,
Silent prayers and cries.

All our lives, forever changed,
from what has happened, and yet to come
May we never forget those that perished,
May we stand unmovable in our freedom.

So many lives now lost,
From all across our land,
In love we now commit them,
Forever, in God's Hands.

Author: S. Gregory Gauldin
© 2001 - All Rights Reserved
Used with Permission


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