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When I was a small lad
My mother once said to me
Son, don't ever take for granted
Independence isn't free

Soldiers have died on the battlefield
As Christ died on the Cross for us
So we can freely express our religion
And speak no matter the cost

We know that we will always be
A soldier in God's Army
If that is what we choose to be
To be in God's Army

But, of this land we take a stand
For the soldiers of the field
Many a man laid down his life
And many a man always will

They fight and pray to keep our way
Of Independence going strong
Independence isn't always free
It must be fought for, to carry on for you and me

Jene' Lind
© June 21, 2005
A special thanks to Jene, our Sister-In-Christ
for this heart felt poem. You may email Jene
to thank her. God Bless you.

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When you take your stand for Christ, you will not stand alone ! ! !

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