Honor The Heroic ~ Anchored In Him

This day has been set aside to remember
brave men and women of such caliber,
that have dedicated their lives in service
in a branch of the USA Armed Forces.
A mighty force built by persons of gallantry
with hearts devoted to protecting country.
Even knowing they might have to sacrifice
a life to fight for freedom and liberty's right. 

Courageous men and women that volunteer 
may we cherish each and hold them dear.
For giving of ones life to serve ones country
is an honorable and heroic service of chivalry.
Sometimes paying the price for freedom is dear
overcoming obstacles setting aside even fear.
Such deep devotion to serve ones country.
May we respect those serving in our military.
Please keep the troops in prayer still serving
asking God to continue protecting.
Remembering their families in prayer too,
as they are carrying a burden true.

On this day may we set aside the differences
recognize those serving as we acquiesce. 
Join together this day remember the brave
even past precious heroes in the grave.
Please may we unite on this appointed day
Honor the heroic on this "Memorial Day"
precious men and women of great valor
in their service to country may we favor.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Malta
for use of her poetry © Nov 2009.

Earth has no sorrow that heaven does not feel . . .

Can't Cry Hard Enough
Susan Ashton
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