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Special Soldiers in the sky, doing what they do.
Doing what they're trained to do ... protecting me and you.
They were on a mission to help a nation to be free
And they say insurgents killed them there across the sea.

We have many fine young soldiers, these are the best
The Navy Seals, our nations pride, are put to the test.
They go out on night missions hoping for the best
But for these elite ... there's never any rest.

Yes, Navy Seals are special and they are trained to fight
But they also go on missions to rescue ... in the dark of the night.
Rushed to help the Army Rangers who had come under fire
Thirty Americans were killed ... the deadliest single loss in a decade war.

Now their fathers, mothers and yes, their children, too
Will have to learn to live with what that war can do.
Moms and dads are sobbing, and the children crying loud
But all know the price of war and for their men they are proud.

Little children will grow up now, with no dad to guide them
But they have their mothers, who will be beside them.
Many an elderly parent left without a son to love
But their sons were brave and now they will protect them from above.

We dedicate this page to all of the families who
have lost a loved to the war on terror. Your
father, mother, son or daughter paid the ultimate
sacrifice for our great nation. They are not
May the Comforter be with you.

A special thanks to Jene' Lind for this patriotic
poem © August 7, 2011 you may email here.
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

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The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms - - Deuteronomy 33:27






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