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Dear Mom and Dad,
As I write you today
The weather is so hot and the air very stale
It is hard to remember the green grass of home
When I must now live in this land of hell

It is hard to look at the little children
And realize they know not who is their mother
She died amidst the mortar fire,
Along side of their brother

Yes, this war is bad here, Mother
And I miss your loving care
Please tell Grandma that I love her
And I send a Mother's Day prayer

Dad, I have no gift for you this year
My gift is in protecting our great land
And doing the very best I can
To help these folk here to understand
As you did when you were off in a distant land

I wish they had the kind of things
That I enjoyed back home
The slow paced early breakfast
Of biscuits and gravy on Saturday morn

The freedom to go to school and church
To read any book they choose
This is just a few of the things I miss
But they have none of those

Their thoughts of God and country
Are misguided and in disarray
Their teaching of God's love
Is not my loving God's way

But Dad and Mom, I want you to know
The things you taught me I remember well
And I still can see your loving smile
I know you both pray for me . . . and that helps

I cling to the love of God
And sing songs these folk's don't understand
It was these things that have molded me
And makes me proud you are the folks of this
Soldier in this foreign land.

P.S.  Please tell Sally Ann that I love her
And that I am still her true man and will write when I can.
  Also tell Pastor Tom to let the congregation know
That we appreciate all the prayin' for us in this
Distant land and to sing Rock Of Ages for us if they can.

Jene' Lind © May 8, 2004
A special thanks to Jene, our Sister-In-Christ for
this heart felt poem. You may email Jene
to thank her. God Bless you.


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