Long Road Ahead - Anchored In Him


A little boy was playing and he heard his daddy say
"Well, Mama if I'm gonna go, it's gonna be today,
soldiers there are waiting for someone to relieve
So they too, can be here with their families."

Daddy had been talking about a war away from home
And even said some of those men on our streets now roam
He must go to stop them and keep our country safe.
I wonder...will he come back home, or disappear like Gabe.

Uncle Gabe was kind to me and played with all my toys
He even bought little things for all the neighbor boys.
He went to church and prayed for them, the children that were poor
But now my Uncle Gabe is gone, won't see him anymore.

A road side bomb blew up the HUMVEE he was in
It caught on fire, and killed his friend.
Another friend came home crippled up and will never walk
But my Uncle Gabe was a hero so we hear at Town Talk

The soldier that he saved is a really cool cool guy
He never talks about that war but for losing his legs, he cries.
Not because he lost them, it's cause he cannot go back to defend
The other soldiers over there who became his closest friends.

This war is very scary, 'cause those enemy are here
Laughing at men like my dad, from us they have no fear
But I will miss my daddy and I'll help my mom a lot
Cause when my daddy goes to war...she is all I got.

© February 6, 2010
A special thanks to Jene' Lind,
 for us of this from the heart poem.
You may email Jene to thank her.
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

A special thanks to those who gave their life for our freedoms, may the Comforter be with their loved ones . . .

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