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Valentine's Day is special to people one and all
Children are taught that cupid's arrow even find the small
We teach children to make Valentine cards to share
And in their love and innocence they give to all friends there

But does giving a Valentine card mean I love
For if it does I have a better way to spell out love
It doesn't come in a vase of roses, planted on a card
It doesn't come from an arrow shot from afar

Love comes in many packages, wrapped different ways
Love comes from the valleys of sacrifice of yesterdays
For it is the Soldiers of the fields whose love with all their might
Who shows their undying love on battlefields in the night

They take up arms, not cupid's arrow for their passion dear
They love their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and their children dear
They love their sweethearts, and their friends and yes, their country
Love is not always flowers and candy, but love comes from across the sea

When Valentine's Day is finally here and you see the cupid's face
Please remember it is the love of a Soldier in the field . . . so brave
It is their love of their flag, country and for their loved ones sacrifice
They give not candy hearts and roses sometimes . . . they give their life

So love is not always flowers, cupid's arrows, candy hearts
Love is caring all you can and giving from your heart
It is the Soldier, yes, the Soldier who makes Valentine's Day so real
They love with all their being, lay down their life for the love they feel

Jene' Lind © Jan 14, 2004. 
Thank you Jene for this lovely poem in
support of our Armed Forces, God Bless you.

God's love is persistent but never pushy ! ! !

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