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As I look upon my daddy's face, I begin to smile.
He is tall and handsome the bravest man I know.
His job requires him to be away more then I can count.
His job is tough and sometimes I don't know what its all about.
At the tender age of three I learned who my daddy was from TV.
Mom would point and say there is daddy flying tall.

Then one day mommy embraced me not knowing all her fears
she wept and I stood tall asking mommy why she was so sad. 
We went the the funeral and she pointed to the flag and said daddy.
Now still being young I don't know what that means,
but every time I see the flag I know my daddy's watching out for me.

Used with permission © Brooke Willis You may contact Brooke email to thank her her for use of her wrtings. God Bless this family and all the families of our fallen hero's.
Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our great nation.

We dedicate this page to the over 1,000 American children who have lost a parent in the war on terrorism. Our hearts are with these families and the families of the over 10,000 military men and women who have been injured.

A special thank you to all the families of those who serve our country. May God comfort and be with you. 

This Newsweek Article article tells of the plight of our children. It is well worth your time to read this article, the picture on the page tells of the sadness.

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Our highest good may come from our deepest suffering! ! !





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