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I've stopped watching for you daily
For I know that you won't be home tonight
But I know that you are thinking of me Darlin'
And you know that I am praying all is right

I still have dreams of when you had to leave me
And still see the smile upon your face
Though you smiled, your misty eyes betrayed you
As you gazed with love upon my tear stained face

You told me to be strong and not to worry
As you went to fight a war across the sands
But I walk the water's edge of the ocean
And I think how proud of you I am

The morning fog is warm as it enshrouds me
And my feet feel the shifting of the sand
I can look across the waters in the distance
And my Darlin' I can feel you take my hand

I know Darlin' that you are in a far away land
and the mist in this fog our love is hand in hand
Our love for each other is like the mist, very fine
we both know that it will stand the test of time

Your spirit is in the gently rolling waters
And I feel your love inside this heart of mine
Yes, I feel your spirit in the mist around me
and my love for you stands still...as if in time.

Jene' Lind 
© June 2, 2005
A special thanks to Jene, Lind our Sister-In-Christ
for this heart felt poem. You may email Jene
to thank her. God Bless you my friend.

Dedicated to our Armed Forces and their families for the sacrifices to our great nation. Freedom isn't free, the cost is great. If in doubt go to Arlington National Cemetery or any American Cemetery overseas. Jesus paid the price to free us from sin, He gave His life at Calvary to free us from sin.

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