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Hands are worn and weathered
Heart stays young with years
Holding on to treasures
Though life with love and tears

Remembrances of treasures
They find their way each day
Precious are these memories
They never fade away

Turn around we see them
Like movies in the past
Moving oh so swiftly
They've moved along too fast

Yet we see reflections
Young with love so bright
Sharing all their day dreams
Clinging in the nights

Faded are the photos
That give us sense of time
Searching for the days of old
When life was in their prime

Hold on to the photo
It brings that gentle smile
Keeping all our memories
That makes life so worthwhile.

A special thanks to Francine
for use of her © poetry, you may
visit her site Francine Pucillo
used with permission, 4 Nov 2004.

Dedicated to all the Veterans
and their families. Thank you
for your service and sacrifices
to our great nation. God
bless you and your families.

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As God adds years to your life, ask Him to add life to your years ! ! !


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