September 11 - Anchored In Him

As you listen to the music prior to entering the memorial tribute,
think of how this terrorist act has changed the world and our lives
in America.  The attack by terrorist on September 11, 2001 in which
war was declared, yes war was declared on the United States of
America.  Many American lives have been lost fighting this war on
terrorism.  Many people do not agree with the way the war is being
fought.  I say to you it is better to fight the enemy that wishes to do
us evil and this is a war against evil on foreign soil than in our own
back yards.  No one likes the thought of losing lives in war.  Many
members of our Armed Forces as well as civilians have gave their
lives in defense of our great nation fighting this war on terrorism.
The least we can do is pray for their safety and support our Armed
Forces where ever they may be.  Also we must pray for our great
nation and her leaders.  God Bless America, may she never bow to
tyrants or terrorists ! ! ! !

Forever In God's Hands

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Leaders who serve will serve as good leaders, God selects the leaders of nations ! ! !

Homeland Defense Codes Red means Severe risk of terrorist attacks and may require the pre-positioning of especially trained teams, closing public and government facilities and monitoring transportation systems.

Orange signifies a High risk of attack, meaning the government should coordinate necessary security efforts with armed forces or law enforcement agencies and take additional precautions at public events.

Yellow is an Elevated condition, meaning there is a significant risk of attack. Increased surveillance of critical locations and implementing some emergency response plans are called for.

Blue is a Guarded risk, and agencies are asked to review and update emergency response procedures.

Green is a Low risk of terrorist attack.

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