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Another Election year is here
One that will be remembered for years
We need to make wise choices
To insure our children grow and prosper

Weigh the morals and values of candidates
And the past, please keep in mind
For like a lasting picture
It affects our children in time

If we are to remain a Godly Nation
A Nation who is moral and just
We must pray as the polls will decide
Who will chose a man who is for US

The US is not only the US of A
But the future for one and all
So get out and Vote on Election day
And let your vote be called

So for our children, sometime in the future
They will know the decisions you made
That led to a God-filled country
And kept the the good old USA 

A special thanks to Jene' Lind for this lovely 
poem © August 18, 2004 contact Jene here.
God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

Folks this is an election that will shape our great nation in years to come. None of us will ever find a perfect candidate. We must focus on the issues that this great nation faces. Two of the greatest issues facing our great nation are abortion and separation of church in state (in God we Trust).
Every state constitution has a reference to God either in the constitution itself or in the preamble. The issue of abortion is an on going battle that the courts will fight I know of no church that supports abortion. Other
major issues that this country is now facing are:
war on terrorism, jobs, and gay marriage.

My friend the bottom line is simple, if you don't
vote you have no right to complain. A God
given right is to vote if you are born in this country.  
I will not tell you who to vote for as I believe that
we must decide on the candidate's stand not on the
party itself.

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Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord - - Psalm 33:12


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