A Prayer For Our Soldiers - Anchored In Him


When our soldiers are called to serve, Dear Lord,
Wherever war may be,
Give them courage to fight the battles,
As You have done for me.

Grace them with Your presence,
And help them to love You,
While they fight the enemy,
Our Country needs them to.

Help them protect their comrades,
Make them loyal and true,
And keep them in Your loving hands,
While they do what they must do.

They want to do their duty,
To be the best that they can be,
To do what they've been called to do,
And protect our liberty.

And if, according to Your will,
Some must give up their lives,
Please bless with Your protecting hand,
Their children and their wives.

by Fred White, Chief Warrant Officer, US Army (Retired)

There is no place or time we cannot pray . . .




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