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My Dearest Love,
     Just a few lines this morning before the children get up to let you know how much we love and miss you. The children are fine and growing so fast and it seems like all I do right now is buy them new clothes. David Jr. as you know is now 8 and he is so handsome just like you and is the "little man" now that you are in Iraq again. He helps so much with the twins and Sarah is such a blessing that I do not know what I would do with out them. All five of our children are a blessing from God to us and we know that He has only loaned them to us. David is really starting to ask questions now about Jesus and how He died for our sins. I just pray that you are here when he accepts Christ as His personal Savior. It is so important to us that we do not miss Sunday School or worship services. I know that my soul is fed during these times and many in the congregation share the same cares and concerns that I do. Sarah's beautiful blonde hair is now below her shoulders and with her blue eyes we receive so many compliments on her beauty, as I tell many beauty comes from the heart, not from outward appearance. Sarah's love for her brothers and sister as well as us is never ending. She is like a little busy mother with her sister Rebekah who has hair like mine is really growing fast, it seems hard to believe that she is now two and how proud you were when she was born, knowing that God was with us in the delivery room your hand of assurance in mine. The twins Matthew and Mark are hard for everyone to tell apart and they both look like you which makes them very handsome at such a young age.

We are anxiously awaiting your return and our move back to Fort Bliss, TX to see many of our friends that we have made there. On our last visit when we heard Pastor Himes preach about how Jesus was the sacrifice for man kinds sins and how He had to die as the sacrificial Lamb. It was so uplifting to hear Brother Lennie's teaching and preaching. It was such a blessing to us that when he prayed with us for your safe return and that God would protect you and your fellow soldiers. He was such a blessing and a letter I received we are told that he now has left the church, many of the congregation wept when he announced his resignation. Oh how he could preach and teach and there is no doubt that the hand of God was upon him. There is such a peaceful bliss and assurance knowing that people are praying for you and your fellow soldiers. We still pray for his healing daily during our family time of bible study and prayer at our Family Altar.

We are so proud of you on your selection for promotion to Sergeant First Class another blessing from God and answered prayer, our church family and us have been praying for you and your soldiers protection as well as this promotion. God does answer prayers and your grandfather is so proud of you and your service to our great nation. Our parents and grandparents are such a blessing and help to us. The children are anxiously awaiting your return so we can visit them, but they also know on our move to Texas that it will be harder to visit with them. Speaking of the children I hear the twins waking up and I must go and take care of them it will be breakfast time. I am sure that you are surprised by the stationary, it is from a photo that you took after we were first married when I was painting a picture of you. My how time does fly as we have been married nine years now and God has blessed us through all of the good and bad times. We are constantly learning to lean on Him more and more. We close every night in prayer at our Family Altar with the song Learning To Lean playing in the background. The children are now starting to sing this song, what a blessing. Oh David often it is hard to mask the tears from fear, doubt, uncertainties and worry about your safety, but we know that God is in control and He will take care of you. Darling we love and miss you, the children send their hugs and kisses. Remember that our church family is praying for you and your fellow soldiers safe trip home to us!

                                  All our love,
                                  Mary and the children

Written from the heart and dedicated to all members of the United States Armed Forces and their families. You are in our prayers, God Bless you. Our thanks to you for your service and the sacrifices to our great nation.

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What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee - - Psalm 56:3




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