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As the web servant I offer this prayer; Heavenly Father we
know that You are a just and loving God. As we come to
humble ourselves upon bended knees and bowed heads
we ask that You forgive us of our sins and sinful nature.
Loving Father we know that many lives were sacrificed
on that black Tuesday just as Your Son Jesus Christ did
on Calvary. Father we ask that You comfort these families
and that they look to You for strength and guidance. We
pray for the hardened hearts to soften to accept Jesus
Christ as their personal Savior. Heavenly Father we
pray for our great nation and Her leaders that the decisions
they make are done prayerfully with You and that all
leaders seek Your Devine guidance in all matters.
Father we ask that You place Your protective armor
around our Armed Forces and their Allies as they fight
a war against evil. Loving Father place Your comforting
arms around the families and may the Comforter be with
those families whose loved ones have paid the ultimate
sacrifice to preserve our way of life. Heavenly Father
we ask that You watch over, guide us, and protect us,
from the evils of the world. Father we lift all these
request up to You in Jesus holy name, Amen.

We dedicate this page to New York and its future.
These poems below are from Helen Steiner Rice.

When I must leave you for a little while,
Please go on bravely with a gallant smile
And for my sake and in my name
Live on and do all things the same --
Spend not your life in empty days,
But fill each waking hour in useful ways --
Reach out your hand in comfort and cheer,
And I in turn will comfort you and hold you near.

Yesterday's dead, tomorrow's unborn,
So there's nothing to fear and nothing to mourn,
For all that is past  and all that has been
Can never return to be lived once again . . .
And what lies ahead or the things that will be
Are still in God's hands, so it is not up to me
To live in the future that is God's great unknown,
For the past and the present God claims for His own . . .
So all I need do is live my life for today
And trust God to show me the truth and the way,
For it's only memory of the things that have been
And expecting tomorrow to bring trouble again
That fills my today, which God wants to bless,
With uncertain fears and borrowed distress . . .
For All I need live for this one little minute
For life's here and now and eternity's in it.

Helen Steiner Rice

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