Two Hands, One Heart ~ Anchored In Him


My Darling,

As I write this letter you have just departed for your third tour of Iraq and 5 years ago you were in Afghanistan. Each time you depart it is harder on the children and I, but we know that a soldiers duty is never done.

When we exchanged our wedding vows in 2001 darling we knew that you may be called to war. Our nation is so blessed to have men and women answer the call to duty, but all families struggle with the daily unknowns and uncertainties of the world.

I still remember the day that you proposed to me, you said "If you love me Mary, marry me", oh what a beautiful proposal as the tears of joy and love streamed down my face. You explained that your grandfather proposed to his wife "Mary" also this way.

Darling our love has grown stronger throughout the years. I remember the birth of our 1st son and how you held my hand during the delivery of him. God had truly blessed us as many years we tried to have a family, but for some reason it was not to be until we turned it all over to Him.  

As you have often said we may not be rich in worldly goods, but we are rich in love and spirit with a family that is built around God and His promise's.

God then blessed us with our 1st daughter while you were gone on your 1st tour of duty in Iraq. Oh how the tears of love flowed from our parents as they seen their 1st granddaughter with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. When you returned home oh how the family shed tears of joy that you returned safely with no injuries, but somehow you had changed from the horrors of war that only your father understood from Vietnam. Often Grandpa said that you would be fine in time and he was correct. Grandma said that Grandpa was the same when he returned from Europe after WWII. The Sunday that we all prayed on our knees at church was the day that these troublesome times seem to leave you and we were a family again.

Then within a year, again you had orders for another tour of duty in Iraq, but before you left God blessed us again with twins, a handsome son and beautiful daughter. Oh if you could have only seen the love and pride in your eyes for your family.

Oh how God has blessed us my love, even during our troublesome times we both knew that He had the answers that often we found in our Family Bible and Altar in prayer.

Your safe return we knew would come about, as all of our church family was praying for you. We knew that you were in God's hands and you would return safely.

Often my love we have questioned to the "why" of the hate and terror within the world.  Whenever we question to the as why you must  go off to war again we find the answers at the Altar. We know from the Holy Bible that there would and will continue to be these times. We have One on our side that those who do not know Jesus do not understand as to our will and determination.

Darling just one other thing before I close this letter God has blessed us again, if God wills you will be the proud father of another son. I am sure he will be just as handsome as you.

Darling remember that you will always be our Hero and that my love for you will never fade.  With God our love for one another cannot fail and our love will continue to grow stronger. 

Our church family is praying for you and your unit, God is with you and has placed His protective Armor around you.

                              All My Love Forever,

Written from the heart and dedicated to all members of the United States Armed Forces and their families. You are in our prayers, God Bless you and thank you for your service and sacrifices to our great nation.

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Love is never afraid of giving to much ! ! !





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