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Our Daddy went real far away
To a land across the sea
He said that he had to go
To protect Mommy and all of us

In our prayers we ask God
In Heaven above to protect Daddy and us
From harm throughout our land
Momma says Daddy is safe in God's hands

He now lives in a barren land
Where the yards are not grass . . . but sand
Where the days are so hot, the nights so cold
Sometimes more than he can stand

But to him it will be worth it
When the battle is won over there
It will then be safe for America
And for all lands everywhere

The terrorists gathered in a foreign land
Determined to take over the earth
But brave soldiers like our daddy
Said America will have a rebirth

She is strong, She is brave and protects us
From all the evils around
She may have times of danger
But OUR America always rebounds

She won't let the enemy defeat us
She will scatter them far and wide
Her shores will be protected
Our America will be all right

All of the lands across the sea
And the places we've read about
They don't make us feel safe and protected
America's the best no doubt

Poetry by Jene' Lind
© 9 August 2004, a
special thanks to Jene' for this
lovely poem, contact Jene here.
God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

We dedicate this page to the families of our brave
Armed Forces. As the web servant while searching for a song
for this page and poem I reflected back on my life of the
separations from my family while in the military and this is a song
that God laid upon my heart.
Listen to the words carefully and you will understand the meaning.
Our hearts ache as we pray for all members of our Armed Forces
as the uncertainties of war and separation face you. This is just a
small tribute and thank you to the members of our Armed Forces
and their families for your selfless service and sacrifices to our
great nation. Many of us know the meaning of this song.
God Bless America

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