God You Are Enough - Anchored In Him

When I am so tired, and my whole body aches,
God, You are enough.
When it seems no one cares that I feel alone,
God, You are enough.

When all I can do is sit and wonder why I am here on this path,
God, You are enough.
When I reach out to be held, and no one is there,
God, You are enough.

 When I see my refrigerator and cupboards are bare,
God, You are enough.
When there is no money to pay my bills,
God, You are enough.

When someone I hold dear, is discovered using me,
God, You are enough.
When the one person I want so desperately to love me,
does not love me, God, You are enough.

 My most precious Father in heaven,
I dedicate this poem to you. For I want
You to know that God, You are ENOUGH! Even
when it seems I have nothing. I know I have
everything as long as I have you; God.

I thank you for Your precious unconditional love
that You so freely give me. It truly is beyond
my comprehension how You love when, we, as your
creation, keep turning our backs on You.

Oh God, it is my sole desire to please You and to
bring You joy as You so freely do for me. Please
keep molding me into Your true image, Jesus.
For I want others to see You in my life. I do love
You, God with all I am able to love.

Author Unknown

Without God My Friend You Have Nothing, With God You have Everlasting Life If You have Accepted Christ As Your Personal Savior ! ! !


Michael Combs
I Love Him I Love Him
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