A Conversation With God ~ Anchored In Him

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I asked GOD, "Is my work done,
I'm getting kind of tired?"
HE answered, "No my son, it's not all done,
I'll tell you when you're fired."

I answered, 'GOD, I'm Getting old,
I really need a rest."
HE smiled and said, "I made you child,
I always know what's best."

I know that HE keeps testing me,
To see if I am strong.
But I'm afraid, that I will stray,
And end up doing wrong.

When I was young and in my prime,
I took this all in stride.
But now the years are taking toll,
I need HIM by my side.

I know there is a purpose,
For everything we do.
And HE will always show the way,
For what you're asked to do.

Sometimes, I fall and I loose faith,
When everything goes wrong.
But then I beg forgiveness,
In a prayer or a song.

GOD never turned HIS back on me,
Like I have done to HIM.
HE's always filled my cup with love,
Right up to the brim.

So, I guess HE has some other plans,
And chores for me to do.
But now I'm just so far behind,
I may miss one or two.

But I remember hearing,
There's no mountain I can't scale.
And even when they look so steep,
I know I cannot fail.

So then I said, "You know what GOD,
I'm not ready to come home.
I think I'll sit right down tonight,
And write another poem."

© August 2001 Joe Pielmeier Sr. Used with permission.
To request use of Mr. Pielmeier Sr.'s poetry please email
Joe's granddaughter Heather. A special thanks to the
 family for use of Joe's poetry, God Bless.

When you know Jesus, you know who you are and where you're going . . .

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