Flowers Bloom Most Everywhere ~ Anchored In Him


Flowers bloom most every where,
For the earth is God's garden you know,
And His mystical way of planting,
By His birds and bees and the wind to sow.

With the sun and clouds and rain to nourish,
And the earth to feed the seed.
So all the plants can live and thrive,
Even with the unwanted weed.

We are a part of His garden too,
For we were created to be His tillers,
And we are to reap the fruits of the earth,
Lets not be the killers.

The evils that lurk in the minds of man,
Are destroying our garden of Eden,
By polluting the earth the sky and seas,
Our needs for living are quickly receden.

Lets turn the tide of changes back to mother nature.
Who knows how to replenish this old earth,
And let us reap the harvest of the things she gives,
For she is the only one to give this old world rebirth.

Do we think we are the creator?
And do we think we can change this old world?
Oh what a shambles man has made,
When from Medusa's head the snakes we uncurled.

We pollute the air, we pollute the streams.
We destroy love and a mothers dreams.
We kill a new life, a child
For a woman's pleasures and abortionist beguiled.

© 22 Oct 2005 L.M.Willson
Used With Permission, Bro Les went
home to be with the Lord a few
years ago.

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