Safe Harbor ~ Anchored In Him


Like a ship tossed at sea on a dark, stormy night,
I sailed through life with no shore in sight,
Then, remembering a phrase from the Holy Book,
"O ye of little faith", I turned to look,
but saw no one there, yet knew somehow,
that Jesus was near and I needed Him now.

I bowed my head and began to pray,
as I'd learned to do in an earlier day.
I asked God's grace from sin to be free,
and I felt a wave had rushed over me.

My faith was restored and I sighed with relief;
I asked My Savior, "Forgive my unbelief."

Now, He steers my course, His will I choose.
My place in His fold, I don't want to lose.

Now, I'm sailing through life on a much calmer sea,
Where God's safe harbor of Heaven is waiting for me.

Florence Flett

Focusing on the character of God helps us to take our eyes off our circumstances ! ! !

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