Scents of Heaven ~ Anchored In Him




Scents of Heaven's bounty
That capture love we share
The petals soft and dew kissed
Are gifts in life we wear
A gentle kiss of nature
That fills us with delight
A vast array of colors
That make our hearts ignite
Each gentle kiss of nature
That's captured in a breeze
Will gather all life's essence
Through scents of joy received
Like walking through a meadow
As fields of flowers dance
Creating finest perfumes
Our signature enhanced.
Francine Pucillo  
© March 27, 2008
used with permission. A
special thanks Francine for 
the use of this poetry, God Bless.
You may read more of poetry
by visiting her site

God will guide you through the rapids of change . . .





He Will Never Forsake You
Karen Peck & New River
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