Sea Of Regret ~ Anchored In Him

Days of regret,
sorrow and grief,
consoling myself
finding no relief.

Wasted years,
time gone by,
Could have been spent
Serving the Lord, but I . . .

Was Lost in time,
pleasures fulfilled,
Chasing the wind
Looking for thrills.

Oh Lord, to turn back
The hands of time,
Make up for lost hours
but it can't be mine!

Hearts broken
Tears shed,
Walking this earth
in fear and dread.

Then Surrender 
came at last,
He removed the stain
of my sordid past.

Don't look back
I heard Him say,
In my heart so clear
That bright sunny day!

Lift your head,
keep your eyes on Me,
I came and died
to set you free!

Repent Child,
I am here for you,
Leave the past behind,
does no good to review!

Make straight paths,
Follow Me,
I will lead you on
to Eternity!

I have taken your sin,
sorrow and shame,
My Child, you need never
bear them again!

Come follow Me now,
Leave the Sea of Regret,
I make all things New,
And your past I forget!

A special thanks to Mary Ann Trott
for use of her poetry © 1 Feb 2011.
You may email Mary Ann to thank her.
God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

Repentance restores and renews our intimacy with the Lord ! ! !

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