Streets Of Gold - Anchored In Him

Together we will journey 
To that home up in the sky
Where the light does burn eternal
And the soul does never die.

Where the air is filled with music
And a host of angels sing
Where the harps are gently playing
And the golden bells do ring.

Where the peace flows like a river
Ever softly, like a dove
Where the pain is gone forever
In that mansion up above.

Where you'll see the face of loved ones
Long before us, gone away
What a day of sweet rejoicing
On that grand and glorious day. 

A special thanks to Marilyn Ferguson
our Sister-In-Christ for use of her
poetry © 2004. You may visit
Marilyn's site to thank her. Marilyn
willingly shares her talents that
God has blessed her with.
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

The question is simple my friend, will you
walk The Streets of Gold? If you have not
accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior
you will not see your loved ones that have.


If you are unsaved you will spend eternity in hell . . . it is not to late to repent and accept Christ as your personal Savior . . .

Walt Mills
One Day I Will
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