Surviving A Storm ~ Anchored In Him

Today within minutes of each other, I read 
two messages of hope. 

One was a story about a man who won
millions. The other was about a man 
who just lost his job.

So, how do I see hope in either story?

The now wealthy man was rich beyond
measure long before he won the money.

The now unemployed man was rich 
beyond measure long before he lost 
his job.

Both men are dedicated to family,
friends, faith-filled, loving and well 
loved in return.

So, where do I see hope?

In how they choose to respond to life.

Both have choices to make to get them 
to where they want to go.

The now wealthy man could end up 
financially ruined.

The unemployed man could become a 

Neither circumstance has anything to do with 
money. It has everything to do with the choices 
they make.

Both are facing an abrupt change in lifestyle.

Both are facing storms.

I watched today as the clouds came rolling into the 
area. We were recently slammed by heavy rains 
which caused flooding throughout the east coast.

That storm passed. The sun came out and all was 
well. The return of yet another rainstorm almost
seems unfair. 

But it is life. 

I realized as I stood watching the clouds 
overhead that if I got in my car and drove in 
almost any direction I would eventually find 
the end of the storm. 

Like these two men, if we go far enough on 
the road we choose we can out run any storm. 

If we stand strong enough in place 
we can let the storm pass over us.

So, what does it take to get through the storm?

It all comes down to the choosing.

Enough. Enough time, enough belief, enough 
faith, enough love, enough hope. Both men 
are fully equipped with all those values.

Still, the enemy will step into the middle of every 
storm and use weapons of fear and doubt.

Fear of the unknown isn't the worst. Doubt is.
Doubt undermines your beliefs. Doubt blinds
the truth. I may not know what will happen,
but if I doubt that good will come of it I will 
be lost in the storm. 

Whenever I see an image of someone who won 
the lottery I always say a prayer for them.

I do the same when I see images of people who
just lost their job.

That's my weapon.

I've been unemployed, I've never been a millionaire.

I survived unemployment. I've survived many storms.
I'm not sure if I'd survive being a millionaire.

I can hear you saying "I'd like to give it a try!"

Please don't see this as bragging, but I help 
Lots of people in many ways. I've had this 
conversation with God many times. 

"God, if you'd let me win big in the lottery,
you know I could help a lot more people."

God's reply has always been, "Then help 
a lot of people with what you have now."

You don't need a lot of anything in life, you just 
need enough.

To both men, I promise "I'll see you in my prayers."
I know you will both remain rich beyond measure.

Choose wisely and with God as counselor.
It's the only way I make it through the storms.

"I wish you enough!" 

Bob Perks

A special thanks to Bob Perks for use of
of his inspirational writings, © 2010.
You may email Bob to thank him.

No matter what is in front of us, God is always behind us . . .




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