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Thank God for your problems
For that's where blessings hide.
In the midst of trouble,
An answer is tucked inside.

Problems are only blessings,
Turned from inside out.
Do not get discouraged;
Do not begin to doubt.

For the Lord does His best work
When all hope is gone.
It's when you're at your weakest,
That He will make you strong.

You know you're walking with the Lord,
When troubles come your way,
For the devil's mighty mad,
And would like your faith to sway.

But troubles are a signpost
God's working in our lives.
It's then He shapes and molds us
To be just more like Christ.

He may not take the prickly thorn
From beneath our flesh.
But His grace is sufficient
to see us through the test.

Just hold on through the darkness,
Then the light will come.
It's only after struggle
That the victory's won.

Yes, problems are only blessings
Clothed in dark array.
Thank God for your problems,
For a blessing's on the way.

Author Unknown

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Thank God for the blessings and the problems, trust him, He will lead you through them . . .

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