The Promise ~ Anchored In Him


At night while she was sleeping
Within her dreams so blest
The Man of all Salvation
Arrived at Dad's request

Saw that she was crying
He pulled her to his chest
There my gentle child now
Just close your eyes and rest

I know why you are crying
Your father died today
He lives now up in heaven
He's never far away

He said you are his treasure
Wanted you to know
I told Him I would tell you
He asked if I would go

Down to earth to hold you
Comfort you with peace
Each day you look to heaven
Your heart will feel release

He said you were so perfect
So proud he is to see
His little girl he loves so much
Has shown such bravery

If you ever need him
Just look up with a prayer
He's smiling down upon you
With love that's always there

He knows that you will miss him
But wanted you to know
That he is in a special place
Where gentle breezes flow

He'll watch you from a distance
But never will be far
Guide you with his special wings
Know exactly where you are

This day September written
Within the hearts of all
No one in life forgets this day
The heroes stood so tall

Remember that they're with you
Through every waking day
Your Dad and all companions
Their hearts forever stay

This My solemn promise
He's always shining bright
Forever he is next to you
With love a kiss goodnight.

Francine Pucillo
© Used with permission, a special thanks to
Francine. You may view more of Francine's
poetry here.

None of us are promised tomorrow, don't forget to tell your loved ones "I Love You" you may never have the chance again . . .




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