Thanking Jesus On Valentine’s Day ~ Anchored In Him



I give my heart to Jesus
This special time of year
When others seem so distant
My Lord is always near.

When the world is lost in candy
And sending cards around
When everyone is busy
My Lord can then be found.

When I am feeling lonely
My Lord is always there 
When I am feeling fragile
He handles me with care. 

When others seem so loving
And go the extra mile
It only takes my Jesus
To really make me smile. 

When others pass out chocolate
And flowers signed with love 
I thank my Lord for sending
His Son from up above. 

When all is lost in sweetness
I hang my head to pray
My Lord is extra precious
This special heartfelt day.

A special thanks to Marilyn Ferguson
our Sister-In-Christ for use of her
poetry © January 25, 2010. You
may contact her to thank her.
To read more of Marilyn's poetry
please visit her site.

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No matter our age or status in life, we all can strive to love others as God loves us . . .


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