Take It To The Cross ~ Anchored In Him  


When things come about
whether problems or a loss
do not begin to doubt
just take them to the Cross.

Sometimes our spirit's low
and we wonder what to do,
but somehow inside we know
to the Cross we take this to.

The road of life is scary
causing fear to take control,
but our God is extra ordinary
giving us His hand to hold.

When at night you cannot sleep
and restlessly you turn and toss
don't resort to counting sheep
just take it to the Cross.

Next time when you're in doubt
simply stop and pause
remember you've got Victory
because you took it to the Cross.

Mary Deases Peralez © 30 Dec 2006.
You may email Mary to thank her for the
use of her poetry. Thank you Mary for
this heart felt poem. God Bless
you my Sister-In-Christ.

An important part of praying is a willingnes to be part of the answer . . .

Anchored To The Power of The Cross
The Hoppers
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