Sweet Hour of Prayer - Anchored In Him

Dear God, much too often we seek you in prayer,
Because we are wallowing in our own self-despair.
We make every word we lamentingly speak,
An imperative plea for whatever we seek.

We pray for ourselves and so seldom for others,
We're concerned with our problems and not with our brothers.
We seem to forget, that the SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER
Is not for self seeking, but to place in your care,
All the lost souls unloved and unknown
And to keep praying for them until they're your own.

For it's never enough to seek God in prayer,
With no thought of others who are lost in despair.
So teach us, that the POWER OF PRAYER
Is made stronger by placing the world in your care.

Author Unknown

The sad part of this poem is that it is true. The
question my friend is simple. Where would you
be spending eternity if someone had not prayed
for you? The majority of people today that die
are going straight to hell ! ! ! The choice is
simple and there are only two. Heaven or
hell, pray for the lost.
"Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the
one shall be taken, and the other left."
Matthew 24:41

Prayer, the time we have to spend with God alone, He answers prayer in His time, not ours . . .



Tennessee Ernie Ford
Sweet Hour of Prayer
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