Anchored In Him ~ Touch Me

If I am your child . . . Please touch me.
Persist; find ways to meet my needs. 
Your goodnight hug helps sweeten my dreams. 
Your daytime touching tells me how you really feel. 

If I am your teenager . . . Please touch me. 
Don't think because I'm almost grown,
I don't need to know that you still care. 
I need your loving arms; I need a tender voice. 

If I am your friend . . . Please touch me. 
Nothing lets me know you care like a warm embrace. 
A healing touch when I'm depressed assures me I am loved
and reassures me that I'm not alone. 
Yours may be the only comforting touch I get. 

If I am your life's partner . . . Please touch me. 
You may think that your passion is enough, 
But only your arms hold back my fears. 
I need your tender reassuring touch,
remind me I am loved just because I am me. 

If I am your grown-up child . . . Please touch me. 
Though I may have a family my own to hold, 
I still need Mommy's and Daddy's arms when I hurt. 
As a parent the view is different; I appreciate you more. 

If I am your aging parent . . . Please touch me. 
Hold my hand, sit close to me, give me strength; 
And warm my tired body with your nearness. 
although my skin is worn and wrinkled,
It loves to be stroked . . . Don't be afraid. 

Author Unknown

Love is the debt we owe one another . . .

It's A Wonderful World
Carroll Roberson
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