Just One Touch From The Master - Anchored In Him

Do you feel weary in body or soul without help, or suffering with much distress?
Are you tormented by doubts and fears disturbing your peace of mind and sweet rest? Do you feel you have a thorn in your flesh and no one can remove your heart's silent pain? Is there sickness or things that you can't overcome some hidden weakness, sin, or shame? My friend, don't ever despair or give up hope for Jesus has the answer and true peace for you He's touched by the feelings of our many infirmities He can change situations and our souls renew.
Remember, He too suffered rejection, trials, and pain He was even wounded in the house of His friends but, He is our Lord who lived, died, and rose again Our Healer, Restorer, Intercessor, the Savior of men.
If we can only believe and reach out to Him in faith we can touch Him just like those of long ago the hem of his garment was touched by reaching up By faith, we too can touch him, calling on His holy name.
Those same stripes he once endured for our healing shed precious blood that has never lost its power If we will only reach up by faith and touch him We can feel his touch and virtue, this very day and hour. He's still the God who walks on troubled waters to calm storms raging in the depths of our hearts
If we will just touch him, He will give help and hope His grace and virtuous touch gives lives a new start.
There is no "IF" today as to our touching Jesus as His presence fills all the earth, sea, and sky All who come to him humbly in faith believing can receive his help and on His compassion's rely.
So, whatever may be your distress or problem Believe in the restoration Jesus can give if we believe Release every need in life to the blessed Savior He holds the answers, help and healing we can receive.
"And Jesus said, 'Somebody hath touched me;' for I perceive that virtue has gone out of me." Luke 8:46 A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly for use of her poetry ©17 Feb 2017, you may contact Jo Ann by email to thank her for use of her from the heart poetry. God bless my Sister-In-Christ. Blessings from J. P.'s Inspirations Jo Ann Kelly J. P.'s Inspirations
"Yet man is born to trouble" Job 5:7 . . . . Our days are filled "grief and pain" Ecclesiastes 2:23 . . . .

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