Waves Of Tranquility ~ Anchored In Him



Soft the scent within the air
That offers gentle peace
Flowing through a gentleness
That shares the soul's release

Waves in glow of candlelight
Will bring a heart's delight
Traveling in this special time
Will raise the captive light

Now to rest within the place
Where heart and mind will go
Standing near the precipice
Of movements too and fro

Theren upon the peacefulness
Of calmness we have found
Now the sweet tranquility
Of joy in life rebounds.


Francine Pucillo
© February 18, 2007
used with permission. A
special thanks to Francine for 
the use of her poetry, God Bless.
You may read more of poetry
by visiting her site.



Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you - - 1 Peter 5:7





God Will Take Care of You
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