What If? ~ Anchored In Him



What if you found out today was your last day?

Who would you talk to? What would you say?

Would it be easier for you to forgive?

Would you want to be able your life to relive?

Things that seemed important

somehow would not appear that way.

Would you want to scream or would you want to pray?

Life is short, we're living on borrowed time.

What do you do? What's on your mind?

You see this is what we have to think of 

as we live our lives here on earth.

Choose to live, laugh, and love!

Choose the things that have value and worth.

Let's change our way of thinking, our speaking and our hearts.

So we don't have to worry when it's time for us to depart.

A special thanks to Mary Deases Peralez,
our Sister-In-Christ for use of her © poetry
26 Sep 2010. You may contact Mary by email
to thank her for sharing her talents.

Even in the bleakest times, Christians have the brightest hope . . .




Cross Standing In My Way
Del Way
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