The Old Man ~ Anchored In Him


He sleeps more and more
with each passing day
not stopping to listen
to what we have to say.

His shoulders are bent
and his hair is all white
forgetting what life meant
when everything was alright.

He was once a strong man
in charge of his life
able to care for his family
and give reassurance to his wife.

The wrinkles on his face
show the footsteps of time
leaving behind the trace
that nature is not so kind.

If he could turn all his tomorrows
into just one yesterday
he wouldn't have to deal with his sorrows and his life would be okay.

He worked very hard
all of his life never had wealth,
but he learned to survive.

Forgiveness never came easy to him allowing pride to lead his heart
if only he could go back when
and get a brand new start.

He was not one to express what he felt or to use the word love
he and his emotions
fit together like a glove.

His life is his testimony
others will read him very well
not allowing himself to be phony
he's got quite a story to tell.

Mary Deases Peralez © 18 Jan 2003.
You may email Mary to thank her for the
use of her poetry. Thank you Mary for
this heart felt poem. God Bless
 you my Sister-In-Christ.


Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my faileth - - Psalm 71:9 ! ! !

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