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In the misty darkness of the night
God whispers from heaven in the moonlight
Speaking words only you can hear
As He whispers softly in your ear.

God is aware of all that concerns you
Believe His whispers are true
He can see each and every tear
Listen closely to His words of cheer.

He whispers tomorrow will be new a day
Bringing joy and happiness your way
God's words bring peace to your mind
Have faith and leave all worries behind

When God speaks He is always near
His whispers are beautiful to hear
His love is for everyone to share
And He watches over you with loving care.

Whispers from heaven will bless your soul
Only His forgiveness can make you whole
Give Him praise and glory and worship His name
Because God's sweet whispers never change.

Used with permission a special thanks to
our Sister-In-Christ Glenna M. Baugh © 2011.
You may contact Glenna by email to thank her
husband, Glenna went home to be with the
Lord a few years ago.
Also she has published a book Living By Faith
published Nov 2007. 

"Whispers from heaven bring
comfort to your heart and soul"

Quote by Glenna

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