When I Get Where I'm Going ~ Anchored In Him


When I get where I'm going
I will know that I am Home
For I'll be finished with my journey
And I never more shall roam.

I will see my mom and daddy
Whom I lost upon the Earth
They will tell me that they've loved me
From the moment of my birth

When I get where I am going
I'll understand pain and sorrows of ere
Of loved ones that God called Home early
I'll understand why we shed many a tear

I'll not have the tribulations
That I've suffered here below
I'll run to my Heavenly Father
Tell Him how I love Him so

He has been my inspiration
Letting me know when I was wrong
I'll cry tears of joy and love
When I get to where I'm going

I will sit by River Jordan
Sit and talk with God awhile
He will put His arm around me
I will look at Him and smile

I will thank Him for His mercy
That he showed to me on Earth
When I get to where I'm going
I will know my life has worth

He will show to me the Mansion
That He said He'd have for me
When I get to where I'm going
He'll be there to welcome me . . .

Used with permission © March 2007 Jene Lind
Thank you Jene for use of your beautiful poetry
You may contact our Sister-In-Christ to thank
her. God Bless you my friend.

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Many do not know where the are going when the die here on earth, are you one that does not know Christ as your personal Savior ? ? ?


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When I Get Where I'm Going
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