A Moment To Pray - Anchored In Him



Even in our darkest hours we can find reason to hope ... and 
inspiration from those who have gone before standing bold in their faith.

I have a friend in Jesus
He heeds my every prayer
I ask a many a favor
for I know He's always there

He promised to be with me
through all my wearisome life
He holds out His hand to help me
o'er all my struggles and strife

I cherish this Friend my Jesus
I try to love Him as He does me
and when life's trials are over
He promised I could kneel there
at His knee

I have a friend in Jesus
I know He's at my side
He'll help me up the stairs to Heaven
So with Him and God I shall abide

Used with permission © Jan 2005.
A special thanks to LM Willson.
God Bless you My Brother-In-Christ.
Bro Les went home to be with
the Lord a few years ago.


Be faithful - and leave the results to God . . .


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Heirline Sons
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