Welcome Home ~ Anchored In Him



Today I had a vision of Heaven, the gates were open wide.
I saw my dear sister, as she stepped joyfully inside.
Her many years just fell away and she was so young and strong. Oh how wonderful she felt, for all her pain was gone. Her earthly garments had all vanished, she wore a gown of radiant white, when she saw what she was wearing, she gave a sigh of pure delight.

The first one she saw, when she entered the door,
was her precious Savior, He was the one whom she adored.
As she looked upon His smiling face, she gathered to Him in His loving embrace. He whispered these words, Welcome Home my child, Welcome Home. You have been faithful and true, come see the treasures I have prepared for you. He placed a golden crown on her head, He took her hand and she followed where He led.

He showed her the gates of pearl, and she walked upon streets of pure gold She knew it was true, that the beauty of Heaven, the half had never been told. So many flowers blooming, their many colors of bright array, Jesus said my child they will never die nor will they fade away. Finally they stopped at her mansion, there was so much to explore, then Jesus said with a smile, your mom and dad live next door.

Then she heard the angels, singing her victory song, Welcome Home, Welcome Home.
All the friends and loved one's recently departed, and those long gone, all gathered around and joined in the angels song, Welcome Home, Welcome Home. The last I saw of my sister, she was walking hand in hand with mom and dad. Never more to sorrow never more to be sad. The last I heard was the angel song,
Welcome Home, Welcome Home.

A special thanks to Edith Forbes for use of her
poetry © 7 Sep 2012. In memory of my sister
Daisie Herrell who went home to be with the Lord
on 14 Jul 2012. You may email Edith to thank her
for use of her poetry.
God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

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