If I could measure the time I've spent 
thinking about things I didn't know, I 
believe it would shock me.

I was always wondering what tomorrow
would bring. I wanted to know when the 
pain would end. I had to know if all would
turn out the way I wanted it to.

Add up the minutes, hours and days I 
spent, no wasted, focusing on things 
that hadn't yet happened and at the 
other end of my life I would wish I hadn't
wasted even a minute.

You know the storm will not last forever
it always comes to an end. 

You know the pain of loss is harder the 
closer you are to the time but the further 
you are the longer you loved the one you 
left behind.

You know that God had made the mountains,
the ones you have to climb but He also made 
the valley's in between so that you might rest
along the way.

You know that when you are frightened in the
the night hours, the sun will rise, it always 
has and always will. You will see the truth 
more clearly in the light of day.

You know things are never as bad as we 
thought they'd be. Yes, sometimes they're 
even worse. Still, when it's all over, and it 
will be, you'll either be made stronger by the 
experience or feel foolish for ever having 
worried at all.

You know there is really no reason to worry. 
We worry about two things. Things we have 
no control over and things we have control over.
If you have no control over it, there is nothing
you can do, so why worry? 

If you have control over it, then there is no 
need to worry, because it is in your control.

You know you are loved. 


I love you, now "you know".

Used with permission © 2010 Bob Perks.
 A special thanks to Bob Perks for use of
his writings.

Life is not fair, but God is always faithful . . .






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