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As you read the poem by Helen Steiner Rice below we need to live by these words in our prayers. We will always want something! God will provide us with what we need not what we want. This past year has been a trying year for our great nation and her leaders. We are still at war with terrorist and terrorism on foreign lands to preserve our great nations values. Our Armed Forces are still suffering casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries while fighting the war on terrorism. I can sit here all day and tell you of people that are suffering in our community and nation from hunger, disease and lack of employment. I will focus on what our great and almighty God has blessed us with. He blesses us daily from the time that we get up until we retire in the evening. You may say to yourself, how is this. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior you know that this is the greatest blessing that God has gave all of us. Eternal life with Him. After this blessing if you are reading this you have been blessed with the ability to read with eyes that God gave you at birth. Also you have access to a computer that many of us take for granted. We are blessed if our basic human needs are taken care of, that is shelter, food, and love; not necessarily in that order. As we enter the holiday season please remember to keep the love of Christ in your heart. We must remember to give a little more to those less fortunate than us. We at Anchored In Him wish everyone a blessed, joyous and safe holiday season. We hope to see you in church. Blessings are bountiful for all of us, we just have to look at them and count them.


Thank you God, for everything -
the big things and the small -
For every good gift comes from God,
the Giver of them all,
And all too often we accept
without any thanks or praise
The gifts God sends as blessings
each day in many ways.
And so at this time
we offer up a prayer
to thank You, God, for giving us
a lot more than our share.
First, thank You for the little things
that often come our way -
The things we take for granted
and don't mention when we pray -
The unexpected courtesy,
the thoughtful, kindly deed,
a hand reached out to help us
in the time of sudden need.
Oh, make us more aware, dear God,
of daily graces
That come to us with sweet surprise
from never-dreamed-of-places.
Then thank You for the miracles
we are too much blind to see,
and give us new awareness
of our many gifts from Thee
and help us to remember
that the key to life and living
is to make each prayer a prayer of thanks
and each day a day of thanksgiving.

Helen Steiner Rice

Our gracious Heavenly Father as we come to You in prayer to praise You and give You thanks for the blessings that You have bestowed up on us, we ask that You forgive us of our sins and where we have failed You. We know Heavenly Father that we fail You in many ways. Forgive us of our whining when we don't receive what we want when You provide and bless us with what we need. Guide and show us that Your way is the only way. Give us the strength, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that if we watch and listen to Your teachings that we will come to understand why some things pass in our lives as they do. Loving Father we also ask that You place Your protective armor around our Armed Forces where ever they may be in the world. We ask that not only do You protect them, that the presence of Your sweet spirit be felt within each and every family. Father also provide comfort and solace to the grieving families that have lost loved ones in the war. Only You know as to when and why You call any of us Home. Father let us remember to pray fervently for our missionaries that are spreading Your word and teachings. Father we ask that you watch over them and protect them where ever they may be. Father we pray for those that are less fortunate, that you will bless all of us with your many blessings. We pray that we will be able to recognize the small blessings and the blessings that appear to us in any form from You. Father we ask that You continue to guide us to the lost so that we may teach them and make them aware of life here after with You. Father continue to bless our great nation, her leaders, and our church. We ask all these things in your Son's precious name, thank you Jesus,

God gives us all we need, so let's give to others in their need ! ! !

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