Happy New Year 2004 ~ Anchored In Him

As the New year starts and the old year ends,
There's no better time for making amends
For all the things we sincerely regret
And we wish in our hearts we could somehow forget.

We all make mistakes - - it's human to err-
But no one need ever give up in despair,
For God gives us all a brand-new meaning,
A chance to start over and repent of our sinning . . .

And when God forgives us, we too must forgive
And resolve to do better each day that we live
By constantly trying to be like Him more nearly
And to trust in His wisdom and to love Him more dearly-
Assured that we're never out of his care
And we're always welcome to seek Him in prayer.

Helen Steiner Rice

God has blessed all of us in many ways during the
past year. Yes we all want more, but the question
is very simple as is the answer. Why do we always
want more ? ? ? God will take care of our needs.
not our wants.
If He leads us to it He will lead us through it.

The poem by Helen Steiner Rice "it's human to err"
is true of us. God wants us to live our lives for Him.
We must pray for God to forgive us of our sins and
for Him to give us knowledge, wisdom and strength.
Yes we all know that there are Christians that we want
to judge. Leave the judging to God and let's worship
Him and rejoice in the blessings that He gives us.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me - - Philippians 4:13