I'll Be Home For Christmas ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2004

It is late December and I close my eyes to see

My family busy putting up the tinseled Christmas tree

Dad's putting lights upon the roof, reds, blues and greens

And among the yard decorations is the manger scene

I see my sister putting decals on the window panes

And little brother adding to the tree, tiny candy canes

They've wrapped the presents gently and handled them with care,

But Christmas will not be the same . . . for their soldier won't be there

Mother's baking cookies, I can smell them if I try

As she cuts the different shapes, I see a tear fall from her eye

She is remembering other Christmas times with her little ones

They all liked different characters, even her older son

And she is thinking of him now, far across the sea

And she stops to say a prayer for him, "Lord keep him safe for me"

She knows that she has done her best to teach him to be strong

And if the day comes that he must fight, he can right a wrong

So this Christmas morning, I won't be home, you see

I am here, fighting a war, because freedom isn't free

Sometimes when others try to harm the land in which you live

You must go and stop them, sometimes, it's your life you give,

But give it you do freely, to keep your loved ones safe

So they can live and work in a more secure place

Freedom to worship where they please, and live a happy life

Yes, I'm their soldier far from home on this Christmas night

Please do not be saddened because at home I cannot be

Just leave my present sitting beneath the Christmas tree

And know that God is here with me in this land far away

He will be here to comfort me . . . on this year's Christmas Day

So Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, and to all the other folks

This soldier's duty today, is down these sandy streets I'll go

But I'll be thinking of you all and my spirit will be there, too

This way, I too, can share this Christmas time with you.

Used with permission © Dec 2004
A special thanks to Jene Lind
God Bless you my Sister In Christ
You may contact Jene by email
to thank her for sharing her talents.

Compassion is needed to heal the hurts and hearts of others ! ! !


Dedicated to our Armed Forces and their families, thank you for your sacrifices.

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