The Night That Changed The World ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2004

A night that changed the world-
In the sky shone a great light-
The Miracle Child was born-
God named Him Jesus Christ.

O' Holy Night they sang-
The angels hovered above-
All witness to this birth-
The Child of God's Love.

Unto the world was given-
The Holiest of Kings-
Miracle of Miracles-
Eternal life His offering.

The world in celebration-
unto this very day-
The birth of the Miracle Child-
Is marked each Christmas Day.

On that day we exchange gifts-
Witness the joy of boys and girls-
But remember each day is a gift-
From A Night That Changed The World.

Used with permission.
© Ellen M. DuBois, you
may view more of her
poetic content @
Writings of The Heart

The child of Christmas came to be our Savior ! ! !

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